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Your goals are our goals!

We offer two different paths for those looking to earn their high school diploma; competency or credit. 

If learning English as a second language is important to you, we have excellent teachers to help with that.  

Our direct classes, wide-ranging from art to computer skills, offer ways for you to explore different subjects without judgement.

We want you to know what we expect of you, and how our program works.  

Civics test

If a student is going toward their credit diploma, they will need to pass a civics test.  This is a state of Utah  requirement for any 24 credit diploma.

Level gain each year

It is a federal requirement that students show growth while in our program.  Every year a student will take their initial TABE assessment(s) and re-test after 40 instructional hours.

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Attendance & Participation

In order to receive credit from any of our in-person classes, attendance is mandatory.  For a direct class, this is fourteen out of sixteen hours needed.  For our GED prep courses, you can only miss three days.


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COMING SOON: Link with your account
  • GED Prep
  • GED Flash
  • Pre-GED
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Great tool for ELL Learners

English language acquisition and career readiness program. Improves pronunciation and comprehensibility.

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Access teacher-created courses and communicate with teachers.

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0.25 Credit Classes Independent Work

Access OC/CRC courses here.  Only teachers can assign courses and award credit.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Employment Information


A student can earn nine credit hours upon successful completion.  Free program that students without a high school diploma can complete.  Look for a program application in the early fall.

Programs at OTECH can begin while you are finishing up with us. Start with a visit with OTECH Pre-Enrollment Advisors to explore the many programs. 

The 'Workforce Initiative & Opportunities Act' (WIOA) can help pay for educational expenses.  Expenses like registration fees with us or programs and supplies at a technical college or university.  If interested, click on the link below. Under 'Sign In' you will need to create an account and apply for 'Training Services'.